About Us

Swanky Game is an up-and-coming production company, created out of love for boardgames. We are an international team, with a wide variety of expertise, but above all else, we love games... and an amazing gaming experience.

Whether it's deluxe components, something to add functionality, or just something to make your favorite game a little more special, we have you covered. From metal coins to pre-painted resin components (and more!), our goal is to enhance your gaming experience and help bring your favorite boardgames life.

You dream it. We can make it happen!

When we're not playing, R&D is our happy place. We monitor industry trends and track what's hot in the boardgaming world, but most importantly, we listen to players.


Tell us what you think would make your favorite boardgame even better or what would enhance your gaming experience.

We value your feedback and are always open to discussing new ideas!